Lime Kiln Road – Serial Killer Thriller

Hi, I’m S.L. and I’m a reBrander.

I had a soft release at the end of September for a novel called “Broken Betties”. The purpose of a soft release is to drive enthusiasm, gain reviews, and test the book to a broader audience than just beta readers.

The book read well, and aside from a couple triggered individuals (no judgement…we can all be triggered by something) the reviews and response were great. The Title, Cover, and Marketing on the other hand were a distinct failure. That has been corrected with the help of a fantastic author, Lucy Score, who helped me find the weak points in the release and adjust for a bigger, more serious launch.

I’m doing that this week.


I’m really excited about the cover, which I will post here once I release it on social media. It changes the perception and the tone of the story. I have to admit I’ve always found it easier to write a compelling and thrilling story than I do branding and marketing it. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. My weakness is that I struggle to convey the power of my story when I’m telling others about it…especially in the character limiting format of Twitter that all indie authors rely on to sell their books.

The reviews are great. The comments and private messages relay how well the story is written. But the blurb, that short eye catching few sentences, and the driving of interest to the story have been a challenge for me. Amazon can be credited more for the success of Scott Wolfe than any effort I engaged in. My social media skills are lacking, mainly due, I suspect, to the fact that anything with the word “social” in it, terrifies me.

I am not a marketing genius. Such is the pity, because my books seem to sell themselves once readers start talking about them.

So, Lime Kiln Road… It’s a serial killer thriller. A mystery. A gruesome and gritty delve into sociopathy, and a bloody induction of victims into martyrdom.

It’s a killer. And, in the words of one reviewer, “Decidedly not for the squeamish”.

Here are a few other comments about the book.

In best crime-writer style, Shelton hits you at the end with what seems to be a dirty sucker-punch – except it isn’t. This is a crime novel with real class, combining the noirishness of the American crime story with the sly mind games of a classic English detective novel. And as with Shelton’s last book, Hedged, you’re sucked in by multi-dimensional characters” ~Mike Robbins, Author of Dog, The Lost Baggage of Silvia Guzmán, among many others.

With one of the most instantly riveting, pitch-perfect starts to a book ever, this thriller is a real page-turner from start to finish.” Author Neil McFarlane

Griping and timely. I stayed up too late reading it and then couldn’t sleep because I was still thinking about the ending.” ~Author Raf Morgan

“A taut game of cat and mouse played on a razor’s edge. One where you’re never sure who is the cat and who is the mouse. Lime Kiln Road comes at you like that car in your rearview mirror that’s been following you for too long, the one that keeps inching closer until it’s riding your bumper and there’s no escape.”
~Matthew FitzSimmons
USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author
of The Short Drop, Poisonfeather, and Cold Harbor

So that’s what’s coming, and why. If you enjoy my novels I have a favor to ask; please share your experience in reviews and on social media. Authors can’t survive without readers, and we don’t get new readers (unless we are marketing geniuses, which I have admitted I am not) without the word of mouth from those who enjoy the writing. That goes for all authors. If you love a writer’s work, please share it with others. You might just save an author from the bread lines. 😉

I apologize to one of my favorite stars, John Cusack, for including you in my twitter tagging exercise. The Blog post isn’t about you, but when Lime Kiln Road is made into a film, there is a fat juicy role for you to sink your teeth into.

2 thoughts on “Lime Kiln Road – Serial Killer Thriller

  1. I updated my copy of Broken B’s and look forward to reading the updated content. I thought the book was interesting in the first draft. You are one of my favorite authors. Was it my imagination or did you release a sample of the first chapter in a new Wolfe novel?

    Liked by 1 person

    • It was mostly just front and back book matter that changed. The story has been well received as written. The relaunch is primarily a rebranding to reach the right audience. Regarding Wolfe, no, I didn’t. I did a little post with some ideas but changed my mind on the course and took it down. Thank you for being a reader. I appreciate the support more than you know.


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