#NewRelease Day for Splinter Self

I know…you’ve been waiting a long time. To your credit, you’ve been patient as we navigated Gretel’s cancer treatments and have shown great support for us both. But I heard you asking for the next book. 🙂 For this release, the last in the Scott Wolfe Series, I had the largest ARC group if any of the other books…more than three times the number for Predator’s Game…and the feedback was great. Thank you.

I know you’ve come for the books. So rather than ramble on poetically about the journey, I’m just gonna hit you with the link. Your shares, comments, likes, retweets, and reblogs are, as always, gratefully received and deeply appreciated. You guys are the reason Scott Wolfe has done so well, even in my long absence from the literary world.

So here it is…the link to the book. The epic conclusion to the Scott Wolfe Series.

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