Occam’s Sharp Tongue – Release Day Celebration

It’s been several years since I released a new book. As many of you know, my sweet wife Diane, the woman whose inspiration and support brought me to write my first novel so many years ago, lost her battle with cancer in October of 2020. It should be no surprise to anyone that the first novel I released after her passing is a story about a 3600-year-old man, cursed to live forever and never be reunited with his beloved.

Occam’s Sharp Tongue for Kindle
Occam’s Sharp Tongue in Hardcover

This is a story about Orpheus. But it’s a take you’ve never seen before, and the story’s opening lines will explain how the old epics don’t do the man justice. He lives in modern-day Seattle with his only companion in his long, miserable life, Tragedy incarnate. There, after all his time suffering, he rescues a young woman who is the mirror image of his beloved Eurydice.

Here’s what one early reviewer said:
“Knife fights, car chases, battles with gods, captures, torture, escapes, and a final epic confrontation make this story an imaginative and compelling twist on the espionage and urban fantasy genres, and in a blockbuster return to the page are Shelton’s exquisite talents for building deeply engaging characters, shocking twists, and pulsating, well-choreographed fight scenes that made his previous series such a success. A must-read”

Occam’s Sharp Tongue for Kindle
Occam’s Sharp Tongue in Hardcover

Release day, May 20th was chosen because it is a special anniversary — 7000 days ago, the love of my life became the love of my life. It coincidently landed on our daughter’s birthday, so it is a happy day for multiple reasons.

I hope you enjoy the story. In writing it, I found my muse is still with me. I can’t feel her touch anymore, but I do hear her whisper to me, and her face is just as clear in my mind as the day we met.

It was a bit of a rough rollout, owing much to the fact that I’m 5 years past my last release, and I’m rusty in that sort of thing anymore, but the Kindle and Hardcover are ready to order right now. other outlets should follow shortly, but the review process for my distributor was delayed, so iBooks, Nook, Kobo, etc. might not be immediately available. The paperback was delayed by a day because I found a typo in the proof and stopped its load. That should be remedied by the end of the day. As always, I look forward to hearing from you. Your review will help make my day and Don Occam a shining prize worthy of the S.L. Shelton literary legacy.

Occam’s Sharp Tongue for Kindle
Occam’s Sharp Tongue in Hardcover

Happy reading and happy Friday!

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