Broken Betties — A Killer Thriller For #MeToo

Yes…it’s a fictional thriller. That’s what I do; Serial Killers, Spies, Giants with high-tech weaponry…it’s sort of my thing.

But the basis for the Broken Betties goes deeper than that. It’s timely, for sure (though abuse, sexual assault, and even run of the mill misogyny are ever present). But the news today highlights just how hidden this underlying thread of tragedy and denial remains in society.

Shortly after leaving the military, I served a short stint as a Court Appointed Special Advocate. Just a couple of years compared to many who stay half a lifetime. But in that brief capacity, I discovered both how strong abuse victims can be if given an opportunity, and how quietly and unnoticed evil walks among us every day with a human face.

To this day, things I saw as a CASA haunt me. Having been a soldier I thought I might be inoculated against shock over the worst man could do to another… I was mistaken.

But even on the darkest day of revelation, I was always surrounded by members of the court, CPS, police, other advocates, and volunteers who all showed the counter balance to that darkness. Shining not only on those cases that needed them, but on the world.

Remember, dear reader, darkness can’t hide in the light… And those who volunteer to protect the innocent shine the brightest.

Broken Betties launches today for Kindle and on Thursday in Paperback.

It’s a cringe worthy deep dive into an extreme, wrapped around a serial killer thriller, and bare knuckle female driven mystery led by Gee, Josie, and Detective Sergeant Reese Corel. It shows the uncomfortable truths and realities of abuse, the lengths some go to deny those truths even from themselves, and the resilience and strength that abuse survivors can display.

I hope you enjoy the story, and more importantly I hope it makes you dig deep to find the strength in yourself and those around you.


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