Splinter Self Book Trailer and Cover Reveal (no nudes today…maybe)

We’re getting closer every day. Splinter Self is being edited for release—developmental edits, line edits, and proofing in progress—and in the interim, the cover and first teaser book-trailer have hit the street. The momentum for this release is building slowly (“slowly” owed in large part to my long hiatus from publishing), but the excitement from the inner circle of fans, editors, and you dedicated readers has been palpable. Thank you.

Having taken a long break from publishing due to my wife’s health and treatment, my social media presence has stagnated to a dreadful state. I was genuinely disheartened by my Twitter footprint shrinking from more than a million hits per month to just under 13,000. Such is the nature of social media…ignore it and it ignores you. Maybe I should post nudes to get my numbers back up—-on second thought, nudes of me might actually evaporate the last few thousand view I do manage to eke out each month.

Hopefully, no nudes will be necessary (for your sake and mine). I’m hoping that as we near the release of Splinter Self in December, that my re-engagement with the world will spark the required interest in this, the final book of the Scott Wolfe Series. One can hope.

Enough moaning about numbers. Here is the teaser trailer. Be sure to like it on You Tube…it really does help get the word out.

The trailer, ironically, took less time to produce than the cover, which had two false starts. But after a bit of input from you guys (yes, I love your feedback), I went to ground hard for the final cover production. Five days of DAZ modeling, site selection, compositing…you get the idea. So here’s the cover. I hope you like it.

So that’s what is out already. In a couple of weeks I’ll be putting out a sign up for ARC readers. Advance Readers get a copy (often not proofed) before the release so that on the day of release you can go in and put up your reviews. Reviews on day one help push a release to a bigger audience thanks to Amazon’s wonderful buyer/review matrix. So yes, your reviews actually do make a difference in the sales of my books. I know some of you worry about what to say, seeing so many reviews with multiple paragraphs. But fortunately, a review of “Fantastic Read! Couldn’t put it down!” along with the accompanying five stars (wink wink) is all you need to help me reach thousands of new readers. So yeah, in a world driven by social media algorithms, your reviews, likes, and shares actually do make or break the proverbial bank. There is so much power in your hands, one can only hope you will use your super powers for good.

Hopefully my next post will be the ARC sign up and not nudes. Trust me…no one wants to see them.

9 thoughts on “Splinter Self Book Trailer and Cover Reveal (no nudes today…maybe)

    • True, December does seem like a long way, but still shorter than the two years since Predator’s Game was released. However, I just assumed you’d want to have an ARC, and be one of the first readers. I’ll be looking for your name on the sign up when I send it out. πŸ™‚


  1. Just a reader from remote Bangkok. Not many books that I can repeated reading, but I read your Scott for 3 times already – patient and wait. Good to hear you are back.

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