Splinter Self –The Long Way Home

I slept well last night. It was a hard sleep, as is evidenced by the deep, red, swollen, imprints of pillow seam across my face. Even as I drink my second cup of coffee I can still see the red stripe.

I started writing Splinter Self before I’d even finished Predator’s Game. The plan had been to release it one year after Predator’s Game and get a head start on other projects.

Unfortunately, the first casualty of every battle plan is the plan that brought you to battle. My father died in February of 2016, followed almost immediately by my wife’s diagnosis of cancer. Everything was shelved after that.

Flash forward to 2017, treatment in pause, and my wonderful wife feeling energetic and refreshed after a well earned long vacation, I went back to writing where I had stopped in 2016. Dropping the finished manuscript on my editors a little more than year after its planned finish, was a satisfying feat. I’m actually looking forward to the promotion, giveaways, beta reads, and interviews that I have so long shunned while Gretel was in treatment.

The steam was there just waiting to be tapped.

The first beta reads should start within the month. That would leave just the final cleanup and proofing to be performed before release. I’m aiming at before Christmas.

It’s been a long journey to the end of this series, made longer by unfortunate events. I hope everyone will enjoy reading the last book in the series as much I did writing it. I have to admit, I got very little sleep while weaving the story together. Adrenaline to spare.

Happy BookDone day. 🙂

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