Goodbye GOP—You’re On The Wrong Side Of Right

I’m breaking up with you, GOP. It’s not you… It’s me.

No. Screw that. It’s totally you.

Last Week, Congressman Devin Nunes, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee “received” information showing FISA court authorized surveillance on Russian Intelligence Officials. That classified information revealed intercepted communications between Russia and Trump, Trump aides and surrogates.

As Chairman of one of the most important committees in the House, Nunes of course shared this information with the rest of the committee and requested supporting documentation and testimony in closed session to protect the sensitive nature of the documents that were “delivered” to him… Right?

No. That’s not what he did. First he held a press conference to reveal the information publicly, then he hand carried it to the White House to present to Trump and his advisors.

That appears to be a crime. Not only was it a violation of Intelligence Protocols, its was also a dissemination of classified information to parties implicated in a FISA court sanctioned investigation.

More troubling, (if one could imagine such a thing), is that not a single Republican voice in the house…my party—the Grand Old Party, the guardians of Constitutional conservatism and the founding party of civil rights activism—not a single one is calling for Nunes to step down, that he be investigated or even that he recuse himself from the investigation into Trump’s ties to Russia. Not one.

There are few heroes left in the GOP, and none of them appear to be in the House of Representatives. The heroes that cemented my long relationship with you (Dwight Eisenhower, Barry Goldwater, Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt) are rolling in their graves at what you’ve become. You’ve betrayed the core of anti corruption, civil rights defending, champions of managing the economy for the people in ways that benefit both the people and business, not just business. And worse, you’ve ceded to a party-first-policy that not only stains the reputation of the GOP, but damages—BETRAYS—the Constitution and the nation.

Of the people, by the people, for the people seems to have become just pretty words to throw out at rallies. I’m sorry, but my oath of service was not taken to rally soundbites or with my hand on a copy of Atlas Shrugged. It was taken to the document that is supposed to be guiding you Of the people, by the people, for the people.

This isn’t an Ayn Rand novel….and I don’t know if you’ve done a side by side comparison recently (since you read Atlas Shrugged and Fountainhead when you were 13 years old), but the Constitution and Ayn Rand aren’t compatible. The protagonists in Rand’s books are the wealthy, but the protagonists in the Constitution are the PEOPLE.

I see you’ve missed that point.

You see, the founders made it clear by how they wrote the Constitution, who the potential principle antagonists would be in that story…Religion, Commerce, Corruption are set up as the potential villains in the story of the Constitution, kept in check by “regulation and separation” from the people’s government.

Sorry, but you’ve gone full-on bad guy. I didn’t sign up to be on the wrong side of RIGHT.

So I’m sorry, GOP; I’m done.
I’m done with what you’ve become.
I’m done with the people you rely on for votes.
I’m done with a party that has not only betrayed our core principles but the country as well.

You are an embarrassment to Constitution loving conservatives. You are slaves to religious extremism, lobbyist written corporate legislation and a racist mob.

I’m done.

If you’re looking for me, I’ll be on the other side of the fence, planning with the Democrats, Independents, and the rest of the party that you’ve already chased away.

By the way…you might want to do something about your legislative leadership. If nothing else, the GOP brand is being shredded by them…pretty soon you won’t have anything left but Theocrats and White Supremacists. Heart breaking. Absolutely heart breaking.

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