Cooking With Dynamite – Or, Uh, Meat (Paleo Ribs)

I was bored, and I’ve been working really hard to stay on my narrow Paleo path since Gretel left for Germany two weeks ago. For the most part I’ve been successful. Anyway, I did a live broadcast because I’d never done one before. It was a bit anticlimactic, but the food was good and I learned how to live broadcast.

Here are the videos (One for the meat and one for the sauce). The recipe is at the bottom of the page.

NOTE: And this is important…in the video, when describing the sauce, I said “Tablespoons”. That was wrong. It was “teaspoons”. I said it wrong but did it right. The results were wonderful. You should give it a try if you like good short ribs.

The Gravy, man.

And here’s the recipe from Civilized Caveman Cooking: Crockpot Simple Short Ribs

I 100% recommend this recipe. It was delicious. As for doing a live broadcast…meh. I could live with it or without it.

2 thoughts on “Cooking With Dynamite – Or, Uh, Meat (Paleo Ribs)

  1. Please check usage of breath and breathe. Love you and Gretel and Wolfe and cast. Fabulous. Prayers and healing vibes coming your way.


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