I’m Being Trolled by A Racist and It’s Hilarious

So on the eve of Gretel’s departure for Germany, before I even got her out the door, I got trolled by an alt right racist on one of my old posts(Technology Fail: Racist Bullets). It’s not the first time I’ve been trolled by the alt-right (It’s not even the first time this week). ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ But it Struck me as funny this time. Not funny “haha”, but funny “What the hell?!

This ar-bro had the audacity to come to my blog, dig back six months to a post with the word “Racist” in the title, and insult me with a racial epithet in the comments—then he complained I didn’t give him his “1st Amendment Right” to rip me. The insulting comment was:

You’re full of shit, dindu.

I blinked away my confusion (and the sleep from my eyes, as I had just climbed out of bed). Dindu? What the hell does that mean? I had to look it up.

From the Urban Dictionary:

A pejorative term used to mock Blacks that commit crimes, and the excuses that’s made for them. Derived from wailing family members, usually mentally unstable mothers, that claim that they “didn’t do anything wrong”.
Those riots in Ferguson are clearly full of dindu nuffins.

“Well you racist, inbred piece of shit! Who the f…?” I got up, turned on my computer, then went downstairs to the kitchen to make coffee for me and the missus. While we enjoyed our breakfast, I turned the insult over in my head. “Did I miss a detail on the post?”, “were my citations not clear?”, “Did I let personal bias slip in?”

I finished my first coffee and grapefruit, then with no more than a kiss on the wife’s cheek, I ran upstairs and pulled up the post from back in July. I needed to see if I had somehow epically screwed up my information, data, citations or formatting (sometimes I get yelled at for formatting…it was possible).

My post had been a criticism of the North Miami Police Department for shooting an INNOCENT unarmed black man as he lay on the concrete, hands extended in front of him. The incident would have been bad enough on its own but the drama was exacerbated by the fact that the black man (Charles Kinsey) was the caretaker for a mentally disabled white man who was there with him.

Being mentally handicapped, the white man didn’t understand or couldn’t comply with the police orders for him to lie down. He also had a toy truck in his hands (which the police kept calling a gun). The tragedy of the story jumps into a higher gear when the North Miami PD, who were supposedly aiming their weapons at the white man, shot Charles Kinsey (the black man) in the leg. Read the story. It’s pretty ridiculous.

I re-read the post twice and, in answer to my earlier questions: “No, I didn’t miss a detail.”, “My citations were clean.” BUT…I did let a little personal bias slip in. Not about race, but about primary safety failure (finger on the trigger). Having a long (long, long, looooong) history with firearms, the first and most oft-repeated safety lesson concerning weapon control is: “A weapon is always to be considered loaded and hot, even if you know it isn’t.” The second most oft-repeated (and more directly related to this post) is: “Keep your damned finger off the trigger unless you intend to kill at that instant.”

On=kill now
Off=resereve judgment.

On, off. It takes longer to read the words than it does to act it out. And a damned cop should know that.

I also mentioned the disparity in sentencing between white and blacks for the same crimes, but that’s a fact. It’s on the books, well documented, and a known problem. There are multiple data compilations that acknowledge the disparity. This is just one.

Anyway…I looked at this comment sitting in my WordPress pending folder and I say to myself, “Self, you’re being trolled.” There was no argument there. It was a simple, unsupported insult because he didn’t like my tone. (Meaning he didn’t like that I criticised a police department for shooting an INNOCENT, UNARMED, black man.) So I say to myself again, “Self, let’s have some fun.”

Obviously, this slack-jawed racist who considers himself some sort of enlightened philosopher of libertarian anarchy didn’t realize bloggers have complete editorial control over their sites…including comments. Ooops.

His comment: “You’re full of shit, dindu”, was transformed into the more accurate and profound statement: “I find your words enlightened and can’t help but question my own inbred racist ways when reading your material. Thank you for your service to this nation and though it may not be in my best interest, please continue to bludgeon alt right nazis, and other haters when they threaten or harm people in your presence…your Louisville Slugger will be done. (Edited for content and bell curve)”

A few seconds after I approved the new and improved comment he sent a follow-up, apparently unhappy with the translation of his first comment, [insert uncreative, snide remark here]…but I fixed that one too: “I can only assume you took those reasonable editing steps because something in the moral makeup of your person is violently opposed to racists, willful idiots and/or nazis in general. Though I will most likely not change my alt right, nazi, trolling ways, I fully understand that if you ever catch me on the street exhibiting threatening or harmful behavior toward anyone, I will be forfeiting any guarantee of surviving the encounter. Praise be the defenders and the oath keepers. Respect. [edited for content and bell curve]”

I found this comment very reasonable (even though it was the translator that produced it) and so I rewarded him with a pat on his thick nazi skull: “Hammer, nail, head.”

More comments followed but I quickly tired of his nonsense and added him to my spam filters. Gone!

He tried trolling me again from afar, writing a blog of his own ripping me for my “liberal” post (as if being upset about the shooting of ANY unarmed and innocent American citizen would be a “liberal” notion) but he conveniently left out his initial trolling comment… “You’re full of shit, dindu” which revealed his racist intent from the beginning of the thread. (I strongly suspect he never even read the post.)

altright-navy-seelHe claims to be a combat vet. Well, that’s certainly possible. There were plenty of racists in the Army when I was in as well. I sort of doubt it though. He talks in code about “service” and “secret sacrifice” but won’t ever give specifics…like many of his alt right brothers on twitter who are quick to claim they are “seels”. LOL!  Jim Wright and I laughed our asses off for hours over that one.

But altright-bro’s main point of contention seemed to be the fact that I censored his comment “You’re full of shit, dindu,” and then all subsequent comments in protest of that censoring.

He must not have been paying close attention to the Constitution he supposedly swore an oath to… “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Uh…I’m not Congress, nor am I the Government. I’m a blogger, and “You’re full of shit, dindu,” posted as a comment to a critique of Police officers firing on  an innocent, unarmed, and complying man, isn’t exactly a redress of grievances (unless he was just pissed off the innocent unarmed black man wasn’t killed by officers). That would be a different sort of site. Might I suggest a white supremacist blog?

I’m not sure if the trolling was escalated because I called him out on his racist shit without actually giving him a platform, or if he was trolling me hoping to have his status elevated. In either case, unarmed, innocent men (regardless of race, religion, or country of origin) don’t deserve to be gunned down. If you disagree, I’m certainly not giving you a platform on my blog.

600px_political_spectrum_graphI’d link to his blog post about me, but aside from his insults (“S.L. Shelton sucks fat donkey balls”, and I can “go ahead and lick [his] ass”) he said “don’t fuck with the big fish”. I’m sure he’s very large in his pond, huge in fact…perhaps the biggest fish in his pond. But I’m a combat engineer. I don’t “fuck” with fish. I drop a stick of dynamite in the water and watch them all float to the surface.

I clearly see where my party went wrong. The GOP started catering to the lowest common denominator in the 80s. They just gave them too much rope and now they are hanging the party. But it still amazes me that the GOP, the defenders of the Constitution, could be so infested with such hateful, bigotted, racist traits; so much so that if you speak up in the defense of civil rights in any way, you are branded a liberal. [sigh]

Oh well. It looks like they’re rebranding for the new Nazi Party anyway. Maybe we can get the “Republican” name back after all the haters rally to their new big tent.

3 thoughts on “I’m Being Trolled by A Racist and It’s Hilarious

  1. dindu… holy shit I thought i knew all the slang, I guess im getting freaking old. btw you cant argue with morons of any type they only listen to ideas that they agree with, jmo

    Liked by 2 people

    • I don’t typically argue with them. Their comments usually go right to trash. They are entitled to their opinions but they are not entitled to insult me on my own blog. I just thought I’d turn this one into something interesting. If an argument relies on assuming the inferiority of another race or gender, the arguing individual has already proven they are incapable of objectivity or rational thought. They are emotion driven by a massive inferiority complex topped with a bruised sense of entitlement.

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