White Cells, High Blood Pressure, and Chemo Uncertainty

Last week on our scheduled sojourn through Oncology land, we were blindsided by an abnormally low mature white blood cell count, thwarting treatment.

After a week of carefully hydrating, eating immunity boosting foods, and getting ample rest, Gretel knocked the test out of the park, more than doubling the count. Sadly, her greatest motivation was avoiding a threatened blood boosting infusion which causes bone pain. The worry drove her blood pressure up, threatening to thwart another treatment. I’m so happy I learned deep breathing exercises; not for Gretel. She’s an expert at relaxing when she has to. The breathing exercises are for me, so that I don’t freak her the hell out with my worrying.
This has been a frustrating week for both of us. Last week’s treatment was delayed and my planned cover release promotion came back to bite me on the ass rather severely. I had interrupted the flow of hundreds of binge readers. Oops.

It’s impossible for me not to worry about Gretel. To be honest, she’s the only thing that holds my world together. The thought of her being sick, injured, nervous or even simply displeased is a major emotional event for me. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for her.

Unfortunately, there is little I can do for her now. And that creates a permanent emotional event. But today, I’ll just sit next to her, hold her hand, and try to get her blood pressure down so we don’t miss another week of treatment.

If it doesn’t work out, we’ll find a way to deal with it. That’s what we do; love and support eachother.


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