Where’s the Damned Ejector Seat Release?! Cancer/Covers #RT #ReBlog

ww5-800Shit! (Yelled loudly enough to shake the window glass). Ever have one of those days? I thought I was doing something witty, cool, exciting, killing time between appointments making new covers and planning a re-release on the series once they were all done. So mid week last week, I unpublished the entire Scott Wolfe Series with the intent of relaunching the series in the moderately calm week following my Gretel’s chemo infusion (Round 6, Round 5 IV).

Wow! Was that a ginormous steaming pile of mistake!

ug5-800So I started getting the private messages, then blog comments and then Facebook comments all telling me how disappointing it was to find Scott Wolfe Kindle eBooks, missing…and some of them not in very flattering prose. Well, PMs, Facebook and Blog are easy enough to control responses on, but then I got tweets. Not many mind you, but I can’t delete other people’s tweets, so yeah, clearly there were a good number of people pissed off that Scott Wolfe was “temporarily” off of Kindle.

Went to infusion today for my Gretel’s Round 6 with the intent of finishing the last two covers this dc5a-800week and relaunch the series. When we arrived at oncology, we were informed her white blood cell count from Saturday’s blood-work was too low and she needed to be retested. As we waited for the results, I checked social media. Holy crap! You would have thought I singlehandedly introduced ISIL to the KKK, they had a baby who grew up to be a Wall Street Hedgefund executive and was now in charge of programming at NBC. Thank god no one thought to spam the reviews with negative comments (so far).

So while I’m sitting there, freaking wt5-800out about my adoring public morphing into angry villagers with pitchforks over my marketing faux pas, the chemo-tech came over and said, “I’m sorry, Mrs. Shelton, your numbers are lower now than they were on Saturday. We have to wait a week.”

As the world started to spin, I reached over and put my hand on Gretel’s. “It’s okay. It’s only a week, and if your white cells are down, it means the cancer cells are still getting hammered too.”

The tech made one of those faces you make after taking a bite of sushi that may have lingered in the display case a week too long. “That’s not necessarily the case.”

harbinger-5-800I stared at her, blinking for a second as my Gretel’s fingers closed more tightly around mine. Well, shit!

Needless to say, my plans for this week have changed and on top of the anxiety caused by widening window given to the monster inside my Gretel to wiggle freely an extra week, I have been hit by a super healthy dose of guilt over screwing up my planned marketing blitz surrounding the new covers. The one thing that might make my distracted Gretel a little less panicked about life in general, less worried about the sale of the farm, would have been if I could return Scott Wolfe to the spotlight it had enjoyed last summer when the series was a total top 10. Well, shit!

With that now explained, all that’s left is the apology:

For everyone who attempted to download and read the Scott Wolfe Series in the past week, I’m sincerely sorry that I wrecked your reading plans and the momentum in your binge read. I am genuinely grateful you wanted to read the series and have now relaunched all the books with new covers (except Predator’s Game which I hadn’t gotten around to finishing yet…sorry again.) In a show of humble regret and as a gift to you for your obvious strong feelings about the situation, I’ve reduced all the books in the series to $2.99 (The lowest I can price the books and maintain my Amazon KDP royalty.)

AND, reveal the covers; because one thing I know for sure, if you follow my blog, twitter or facebook pages, I will always share everything with you first. So yeah, 5 out of 7 covers have been redesigned and relaunched and you get to see them here first (because Amazon takes a long, loooong time to update cover changes…oops).


Happy reading. I’m off to the grocery store now to stock up on immunity building foods. I’ll be back around again as soon as I have something else I need to vent about. šŸ™‚

S.L. Shelton is the author of an Amazon Bestselling Thriller/Action Espionage Series, (The Scott Wolfe Series), and the new Bestseller, Hedged. Follow him here on WordPress, on Twitter @SLSheltonAuthor or Facebook. His wife is currently battling an aggressive, rare cancer. If you feel the desire to help, you can make a contribution at the GoFundMe that their daughter set up, or buy his books.



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