Meet the Staff – Thrillerville

In the lead up to the final chapter of the Scott Wolfe Series, I’ll be building a few side projects, visiting several of the main characters in the series. With a selfie culture in tow, I’d like to introduce the A Team from the first book in the series, my debut novel and the first of my books to rise to top 5 Political Thriller Bestseller, Waking Wolfe. It was initially published under the title “A Lamb in Wolfe’s Clothing”, but was updated, rewritten as my writing style evolved and then rereleased in 2014 as Waking Wolfe.

John Temple: CIA


Nick Horiatis: CIA


Mark Gaines: Former CIA Operative (Introduced in Unexpected Gaines)


Barb Whitney: Scott Wolfe’s Girlfriend


Story “Storc” Carson: TravTech. Scott Wolfe’s longtime friend and coworker.

Bonny “BonBon” Little: TravTech. Friend and coworker.

Kathrin Fuchs: Mystery woman.  KathrinFuchs

Scott Wolfe: TravTech. Programmer and Security Specialist (Hacker). Son of Henry Wolfe, thought to be a farmer, but as it turns out, not so much.


Character biographies for each, plus other characters will follow soon and over the months in the lead up to the release of Splinter Self, part 7 of the Scott Wolfe Series.




One thought on “Meet the Staff – Thrillerville

  1. When’s “splinter self coming out? I emailed you last fall and you thought sometime like…. Now!! So…. do you have an idea? I love your novels. I neeeed more. GMR

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