Hedged – Thunderclap…KAPOW!

Hedged001It’s been a while since I’ve been excited about a book release. Not least of all due to the fact that I haven’t released a new novel since before my amazing wife Diane (my Gretel) was diagnosed with cancer.

But here we are on the precipice…ready to launch Hedged. And I am excited. An author friend of mine, J.C. Wing (of “Gannon Family Series” and “Goddess of Tornado Alley” fame) has created a Thunderclap for the release. I’d never used Thunderclap myself, but it’s exciting seeing it work, particularly since I’ve created several characters for some celebrity friends in the hope this story will be made into a film.

About the Story:

teaserChase Grant has just said goodbye to his estranged father. He wasn’t present as Chase grew into a man, nor as Chase’s sister, Chloe, grew into a woman—an absence with expected consequences.

Both siblings have spotted pasts and have difficulties navigating life as many who are abused or abandoned do. There are two constants in their lives — Chloe is a good girl who doesn’t understand what a bad guy looks like, and Chase violently defends her when it gets her in trouble.

With small steps being taken toward normalcy by both Chase and Chloe, events take a violent turn when someone, for some hidden reason tries to kill Chloe. Chase, in protective big brother fashion, begins searching for the who and the why of Chloe’s misfortune. His investigation drags him into a twisted and confusing drama involving police, drug cartels, confidential informants and his own job in a medium sized trading firm.

What he discovers might just end up killing everyone involved.

So! Here’s the scoop on Hedged:

I started writing this book on the day my father was buried. The story spilled out of me like molten iron and was probably the fastest first draft I’d ever written. My fingers couldn’t keep up with the story coming out of my heart. It’s another thriller (really, could you imagine me writing anything but a thriller?), and it is the first crime novel I’ve ever published (not the first written, but that’s a story from another time).

As I wrote this story, I kept several people in mind as I developed the characters, first and foremost, my pal, actor and comedian Kirk Fox. Kirk has been a good friend to me over the past year or two. But since my wife was diagnosed with a rare form of advanced cancer, he has been an incredible emotional support. We had talked numerous times over the past year about stories, roles and screenplays, so as I wrote Hedged, I wanted to have a prominent place for him with the intent of this story being made into a film. I’ve written two roles in the story with Kirk in mind, and believe another celeb internet acquaintance, Dax Shepard,  would be suited for both as well. They can fight over who takes which role, and the video of that cage match will be webcast live here when the battle occurs. I’m not taking bets on who wins…Dax is buff and tough, but Kirk has been mentally cast as CIA covert Operative Nick Horiatis from the Scott Wolfe Series, so I can only speculate as to how bloody it will be, not who the victor will be.

As I wrote the book, these are who I kept in mind for possible roles if/when the novel goes to filming.

Kirk Fox: Jonah Harper or Brick Durggin

Dax Shepard: Brick Durggin or Jonah Harper (Cage match to follow)

Clifton Collins Jr: Seargeant Gabriel Ortega Sr. or Romeo (Yes, I know he’s been Romeo before)

Tom Arnold: Frank

Aimee Garcia: Officer Deborah Ortega
As of yet, I have no specific actor in mind to play the roles of Chase or Chloe Grant, but I’m certain when the above brilliant talent gets involved, the right people will miraculously appear.

That brings me to the Thunderclap…

Thunderclap and how you can help

My amazing friend and fellow author, J.C. Wing, set this up for Hedged and I have to say, that’s when things started getting exciting for me. I’m optimistic about something for the first time in a long while (at least since before my Gretel was diagnosed). So with that excitement, I’m sharing this with you, and asking for your help to spread the word. Thunderclap doesn’t cost anything to participate in and doesn’t even require a sign up. Just click the “Support With…” buttons and Thunderclap does the rest. Image1I am looking forward to sharing this book with you all and hope to see you on launch day.  Please feel free to drop in and say hi on Facebook, Twitter or here on WordPress (And While you’re at it, drop a note to my celeb friends above, telling them how great they’d be in those roles. 😉 )

S.L. Shelton is the author of an Amazon Bestselling Political Thriller/Action Espionage Series, (The Scott Wolfe Series). Follow him here on WordPress, on Twitter @SLSheltonAuthor or Facebook.  His wife Diane suffers from an advanced cancer and is in aggressive treatment, consuming time, energy and resources. If you feel the desire to help, you can make a contribution to the GoFundMe that their daughter set up, or buy his books.


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