Hedged, Sex and the Mailing List

teaserOkay, okay, I’ve put it off as long as I could. I’ve apparently run afoul of some thriller author code by not having a mailing list. The fines were steep, I’ll tell you, and I don’t think I’m invited to Stephen King’s house this year for the annual “Secret Society of Thriller Authors’ Christmas Bash”. It’s okay, I went last year and to be honest, his place is a little creepy. (Just kidding, Stephen. Your house is lovely.)

So, I was told by friend and fellow bestseller, Stan R Mitchell that I need to give something away when I start a mailing list–something I’ve written. Apparently it’s a law or something (TAC 204-56a is the precise regulation I think).

Stan is the man. He’s all over this author tech stuff, which is funny because I’m the one who used to own a tech company. In all fairness to my tech past, it was a long time ago; the telegraph was new technology and the whole emails, and interwebs trend was after my time. So I lean heavily on my tech savvy friends and family. My 72 year old mom is great with the interwebs–she even has the emails and regularly posts photos on her FaceAlbum. I tried posting to my FaceAlbum but after a few days, the tape curls up and the picture falls off my screen–and no one else seems to get it, so I just gave up.

home-office-336377_640Alright, enough rough housing. I’ve been busy writing. I know it’s not a great excuse but I’ve always been of the opinion that some excuse is better than no excuse at all. So now I have a MailChimp mailing list and I’m letting subscribers read the 1st chapter of Hedged, months (or weeks; I haven’t decided yet) ahead of the release in all its rawness. It’s unedited so the let the typo Easter egg hunt begin.

Hedged is special to me for a number of reasons–some personal. It’ll also be the first stand alone novel I’ll have published as well as my first crime thriller, so I’m pretty excited about it. Once again, I’ve taken a personal look at a subject that is prone to violence, and fashioned a story that, I think, is exciting but sincere. I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Also, once again, I lead my reader right up the edge of sex in the story, but then snatch it away before the graphic stuff starts…yeah. I’m that guy.

girls-555657_1280One of my favorite lyrics is “there’s no sex in your violence”. –o– Bush — Everything Zen. And there’s a good reason for no sex in the violence…it’s a tradition. The puritan thread running through western culture, (particularity in the US), guarantees mainstream acceptance of a novel will NOT occur if graphic sex is incorporated in the story. This is changing as evidenced by the success of 50 Shades of Ick and the rough stuff in A Song of Ice and Fire.

But for the vast majority of authors, unless there is a powerhouse marketing campaign behind an explicit story of sex and violence, those poor folks will be considered crossover writers, stuck between drama and erotica–not exactly airport newsstand material. Plus, most people feel uncomfortable reading the really hot stuff anywhere other than in the privacy of their home (or in a closet if they have kids).

There’s one other reason to walk sex right up to the edge without diving in (literaturewise anyway), and that is the typewriter-663487_1280tension it creates. In thrillers, tension drives the story forward. When you read the last page, you should be breathing hard, mentally if not physically.  So the sex tease does lend itself to thriller authoring. Sorry. 😉

So! I’ve written a new book, Hedged, and it will be released soon. It’s a thriller, nothing to do with Scott Wolfe, and I was thrilled when I wrote it, so I think that should translate to you the reader. If you’d like to read the first chapter, sign up for my mailing list and you’ll get the secret link. If you want to be updated with happenings, releases, contests, etc, sign up for my mailing list. And if you’d like to help a procrastinating, former tech turned technophobe deliver more stories, sign up for my mailing list (and write a review of my books you’ve read…jeez, talk about procrastination).

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