Speaking of ISIS…Whiskey Rebellion 2.0

14694167226_fc514d255f_zAn armed radical group of fanatics–ranks growing, rhetoric flourishing–take over a town in an isolated part of the country and proceed to appropriate equipment and facilities, bringing their own brand of extremist law to a region formerly known to be peaceable and fairly modern.

The fanatics use threats of violence against government and though claiming to represent the “true” desire of the people, are clearly nothing more than violence motivated, hate filled despots who get the sense that holding a gun somehow entitles them to make the rules.

Okay…enough with the charade. Yes I’m talking about the militia goons in Oregon.

I have mixed feelings about the capture of the Bundy Insurrection Leadership. I think that a PR stunt (taken more seriously by some than others) has led to the death of one and wounding of another rebel. Yes…rebel. When an armed group lays siege to a space while threatening violence if approached it’s not a protest, it’s a rebellion.

wire-1110096_1280You might not like the way government does things, but it is the government that WE put in place. Every two years, if we don’t like what the government is doing we can elect a new government. The fact that we don’t means we either aren’t that upset about what they are doing, or we agree with it. If someone’s notion of “protest” is loading up the trucks with ammo, seizing PUBLIC buildings and making public threats of violence, then that someone isn’t nearly as versed in the constitution as they think they are.

I’m pissed off…I’m pissed off that these thugs think that because they have guns and are upset with the way the government does things, they can take over my land. That’s right…the property they are on is mine…and yours, and your neighbors, and your kids… Additionally, it was purchased and managed by the government for very good reasons.

file0001908999473And let’s not forget, the entire territory is only available because the government purchased it to begin with…purchased by Thomas Jefferson (a founder) who took on national debt to secure the land for the people of the newly formed United States of America. Big government spending, debt spending, government overreach and land grabbing…by ole TJ himself.

I’m sad that life was lost. But honestly, did anyone NOT see it coming? The federal government is a machine, built by us to do the shit work of a large, diverse population. Every law on the books was introduced by a representative or representatives, voted on by the legislature and then signed into law by a president that we as a country elected by majority vote. We even have a document to make sure it works JUST LIKE THAT….it’s called a constitution. If you don’t like a law, then go out, get enough voter support, and the law gets changed. If you can’t do that, no matter how many people you talk to, then one of three things has happened.

  1. The time of your issue has passed.
  2. The time of your issue hasn’t come yet.
  3. You are so detached from the rest of society that your issue will never be important.

Whiskey_InsurrectionThis isn’t the first time armed insurrectionists have decided that holding the government at gunpoint was the best way to get what they wanted.

In 1791, there was another socialist tax and spend president with bulging debt from war he hadn’t started. The war debt was obviously from the Revolutionary War, the President; George Washington. The tax in question was a distilled spirits tax, the first levied by the newly formed congress (a power granted to them in the constitution). In 1794, farmers and war veterans, opposed to being taxed on their whiskey and feeling it was an infringement on their rights as free Americans, protested by thwarting collection of the taxes. They did this by blockading and then using violence against the federal tax inspector, seizing his home and taking prisoners.

WhiskeyRebellionAt the height of the rebellion, 7000 protesters gathered, most not even whiskey distillers, but poor masses who had been whipped into an angry frenzy over government overreach by the rebellious whiskey distilling leaders. President Washington then sent negotiators while simultaneously calling up armies from Virginia, New Jersey, Maryland and Pennsylvania. Upon hearing that Washington was leading an army to crush them, the insurrectionists fled before the army arrived. Twenty men were captured, arrested, and tried, but were either acquitted or pardoned later.

Why would I bring up the Whiskey Rebellion (aside from the obvious similarities)? I bring it up to illustrate the long history the US has with armed goons who think threats of violence is 1. a good way to show their disapproval of government policy, and 2. those said goons think that sort of confrontation will somehow end well.

We do not live under a monarchy, nor a dictatorship, nor a theocracy…we elect our government. By attacking the faceless federal government, these thugs are attacking a thing that we created (imperfect as it may be). It isn’t an attack on unlimited Gilbert_Stuart_Williamstown_Portrait_of_George_Washingtonresources or tyranny…it is an attack on me, and you, and your neighbor. Because let’s face it; if they were to succeed in their armed revolt, if their violence or threat of violence was enough to back down the government of the United States of America, then who will protect you, or me, or our kids or grand-kids or our neighbors when another armed group decides they want something you have, or when they decide that girls shouldn’t go to school, or that it’s okay to own certain people, or that religious law should be the law of the land? Who will our tax dollars pay to protect us and the delicate balance of rule of law?

My problem with the Bundy criminals isn’t that they have a beef with the government. My problem is that even though it is impossible for them to win, if they were to win, it would mean the end of the country that I swore an oath to defend. It would mean that all you need is enough ammo, enough hostages, enough righteous indignation and you too could overpower the will of an entire nation. That, my friends, would make us weak.

My advice to the remaining insurrectionists in Oregon; drop your weapons, put your hands over your heads and turn yourselves in. There are only two outcomes for the stunt you’ve pulled; death or prison. There is no third option. You aren’t wrong in your protest, you are wrong in what you did and no matter how right you may be, you have destroyed any possibility of that making a difference now…your delivery sucked, and it sucked in criminal form.

By the way, if those militias ever do get their way and start a real live shooting war with the US Government, this is one old soldier whose allegiances will fall solidly with the three branches of government and the constitution that formed them. Even if I don’t always agree with that government, even if sometimes it needs an overhaul, I don’t fancy myself smarter or more dedicated to forming a nation than our founding fathers, but I do consider myself to be dedicated to the nation they created.

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