Now that’ I’ve won the lottery, I’d just like to thank…

gold-163519_1280Oh wait…who should I thank?

Scott Wolfe once told me that one day I’d be such an evil bastard he’d have to come after me. He said “You are one scary son of a bitch. The only thing that keeps you from being a super criminal is a lack of funds.”

I laughed of course. After all I had created him…I couldn’t be all bad, right? The advantage of suddenly having hundreds of millions of dollars hasn’t sunk in yet, but I’ve already added security forces to my modest compound just in case Scott tries to make good on his threat. In the mean time, I’ve begun building a small safe room out of stacks of hundred dollar bills while my underground lair is being constructed.

I have a few cards up my sleeve as well. Let’s face it, who knows Scott Wolfe better than me…I know what he’s thinking before he does. I also know where he’s hiding, so arranging for a drone strike if I feel threatened wouldn’t be such a difficult thing to accomplish. (Let’s see him fight his way out of a bunker buster strike.)

I’m kidding. I like Scott. I’d never hurt him…uhhh, no more than I already have anyway. It’s one of those love hate relationships where he hates me for all the shit I put him through and I love him because he’s so entertaining. Shit…maybe I am a super villain.

10314745536_745b1f1398_zThe secure facility I’m building, some two hundred feet underground is a sprawling compound in itself. The excavation wouldn’t have been possible without the “borrowed” nuclear powered tunneler I liberated from the air force. Once the fusion reactors are online, I’ll have a totally closed-system fall back complete with forty acres of artificial light green houses, water treatment plant, a Whole Foods and two 7-Elevens.

Of course, if he managed to get to me, my first inclination would be to sit and talk with him about why I’ve done all the things I have. I think that since I’m the only person who knows all his secrets (even the ones he doesn’t know about yet), he’d be inclined to sit and listen to me. Perhaps I’d just explain how I am only doing what’s in everyone’s best interest, to help keep the world in order while also keeping it entertained. But then I’d be one of those cliche super villains caught monologuing while the hero figures out how to escape. So lame. I do like to hear myself speak though, so I’d have to guard against that.

Scott would no doubt arrive with preconceived notions about me and I know better than anyone, changing his mind about someone is damned near impossible (that pig headed punk). Oh well.

Just looking at these numbers makes me feel better though…4 8 19 27 10 and a power ball of 34. Wow! It’s just an amaz–

Wait. Oh shit!

I was just kidding, Scott. Let’s do coffee.

Does anyone know anyone who might be interested in a used nuclear tunneling machine?

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