Id my Ego

S.L. Shelton

Freud?I?ve always found it amusing that name is just one vowel off from being Fraud; just an observation. But despite the often confusing (and just as frequently, pointless) observations and theories gifted to us by the old ?cigar smoking (sorry, ?Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar?) genius, he did give us one clear and defining bit of information; Id, ego and super ego?Das Es, Das Ich und Das Uber Ich.

The ?Id? is the wanting, impulsive lusts we are all born with. When we are hungry, we want food; when we are horny, we want sex; when we are tired, we want sleep; etc, etc, etc. We are born with no impulse control as is demonstrated by watching any baby for more than two minutes.

The ?Super Ego? is our learned ruling conscious?the strict nanny (or dictator depending on your upbringing), that imparts social, religious and familial emotional…

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