Cliche alert…write what you know. Yes I’m a spy

S.L. Shelton

gun-523052_1920I have to admit something to you…I actually am a spy. I have actually chased bad guys through the streets of Calais, Bruges, Istanbul, Aleppo, etc, etc and I know what it feels like to be tortured for days on end. The life of a spy is a combination of adrenaline and boredom mixed in ridiculously lopsided measures depending on the day.

I remember this one time when I was in Monaco–in fact, it may have been the first time I was there. I was drunk and I mean seriously, falling down, shit faced drunk. This created a complication for me as I was supposed to be tracer tagging the western mistress of a certain prince from a certain royal family from a certain Persian Gulf nation. It wasn’t until I was following said mistress down the streets of Monaco that I said to myself, Self, you didn’t drink enough…

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