My Gretel said “Don’t worry. We have towing.”

ford-63930_1920No power. Uhg. One more thing to worry about. I turned the key again already knowing it was hopeless…there wasn’t even enough electricity left in my car to unlock the doors.

A few minutes later, my Gretel walked out and put her hands on her hips. “Why haven’t you left yet?”

“Car’s dead,” I muttered as I lifted the hood.

I saw the culprit immediately…the battery terminal had foamed up in crystallized battery acid corrosion, like sea foam frozen on the battery post.

She walked over and rested her arm across my shoulder. “Don’t worry. We have towing.”

I shook my head. The world is falling apart, dark pool corporations are hunting me, i have to sweep for bugs every time I leave the house and now my car has betrayed me…this sucks. “I’ll fix it myself.”

I reached over and tugged at the cable while she cocked her head sideways and watched. The terminal connector snapped off with just a light touch.

“Shit,” I muttered.

“Let me call the towing company,” she said, turning to go back in.

“No,” I snapped a little too quickly. “I’m not leaving my car unattended and unsecured. Who knows how many tracers they can hide on her in just a day.”

She shrugged before turning back toward me and getting in on the driver’s side. There, she continued to try and remotely activate our failed security cameras.

20151021_175409I set about fixing my ride.

Step 1. New battery: Obviously, there’s a problem when there’s that much battery acid. After pouring Coke over the terminal to dissolve the crystals, I removed what remained of the connector. A few moments later I had the battery out of the compartment and sitting on the asphalt. It was ugly and the terminal connector was caked with corrosion.

20151022_105757Step 2. Fix the terminal connectors: The corrosion was significant and it took a good deal of prying to get the ring connectors to separate even after I’d pried open the copper tabs. A little more Coke did the trick and after a few minutes of twisting them with pliers, I had them apart.

Step 3. Shape the ring leads: With the new terminal connection ready, all I had to do was shape the metal rings to fit in the new configuration. A wire brush and a little more scraping finished up the job so they were ready for the new terminal mount.

20151022_110659As I was about to attach the ring leads to the new terminal connector, a slow moving van drove past the house. I tensed and reached behind me for my trusty Smith and Wesson as the window rolled down. When the van stopped abruptly, I set my tools down and walked toward the street.

“Go, go go!” I heard from inside the van before they lurched forward, peeling rubber over the pavement.

I stood at the curb and watched them disappear around the corner before returning to my work.

20151022_111702Step 4. Attach Ring Leads to new Terminal Connector: With the connections stripped and brushed, exposing bare metal, I slipped the newly shaped leads onto the connector and bolted them down tight.

Step 5. Mount battery and test cable length for connection: The change in configuration actually lengthened the connection. It would fit nicely.

Step 6. Check the street for signs of the van returning: Nope…all clear.

20151022_113540Step 7. Connect new terminal connector to positive battery post: Fits like a glove. After seeing sparks and tightening the connection, I asked my Gretel to turn it over.

20151022_113229The engine roared to life and after Gretel gunned the engine a couple of times, she let it settle into a low throbbing pulse of raw horse power that I felt through my heels. I smiled and put my tools away as the bass thrum of the engine soothed me.

“Okay. Let’s go see if the remote cameras need to be replaced,” I said as Gretel crawled across the center console and let me slide into the driver’s side.

IMGP8247I guess I should have checked the brakes while I was at it…thank God for the automatic parachute system. (uh…you can just ignore the fact that my Gretel is actually sitting in the front seat of a Subaru Outback, not a Mustang. πŸ˜‰

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