Back to work

    “Scott!” He yelled.
“What!” I replied, somewhat agitated that Shelton was once again blaming me for his writer’s block. We had been at this scene for days and I was frankly tired of the writing, deleting and rewriting.
“What are you doing?” he asked.
“I’m playing solitaire.”
“What?” He asked incredulously. “You’ve got a two and a half ton truck filled with bad guys, chasing you through the desert, and you’re playing solitaire?!”
“You’ve got this,” I replied dismissively. “Oh! Red Queen…I needed that.”
Shelton got quiet all of the sudden.  After a few moments it dawn on me that he wasn’t typing anymore, so I turned my head to see what he was doing—he was staring at me with a smile on his face.
“What?” I asked.
He dropped his finger to the “enter” key and my card was suddenly blasted out of my hand.
“Whoa!” I yelled. “What the f—k was that?!”
He hit the key again. A shot blasted a grouping of cards from the ground in front me.
“It seems their aim has improved,” Shelton said with a broad, arrogant grin on his face. “You might want to take cover.”
“Fine!” I yelled.
“It’s about damn time,” Shelton muttered. “There’s nothing worse than having a character so convinced he’s indispensable that he stops trying.”
“It’s called the ‘Scott Wolfe Series’!” I exclaimed.
He slowly turned his head and glared at me with a smile I can only describe as pure evil. “Two words,” he said in a quiet voice. “All I have to do is change two words and it could suddenly be the ‘Kathrin Fuchs’ Series…Devastated by the loss of the man who she wanted to know but never got to.”
“You wouldn’t,” I said, but the look on his face clearly said he would.
He smiled and went back to writing. “Watch your back, Wolfe,” he said. “There’s no room in this world for lazy characters.”

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